Camp At Mayon’s Foot, 2800 FT: Torill Farm and Campsite


Disclaimer: This happened before Mt. Mayon’s alert level was heightened. Keep yourself updated with the latest news about Mt. Mayon before going. Reservation is a must at Torill Farm and Campsite.

Have you ever imagined yourself camping at the foot of an active volcano? Neither did I!

But we did it last May 13-14, 2023 and camped overnight at Torill Farm and Campsite, Upper Bonga, Bacacay, Albay. This is a private property at 2800 ft of Mt. Mayon. We came from Ligao City through our own vehicle, (my boyfriend’s hometown) and the travel time was more or less than an hour. We were lost for a short while because the roads to the jump-off looked the same, but the trick is to make sure you enter through the church (Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados) and you coordinate with the camp managers properly. If you are planning to commute, you can ask them how through their Facebook page.

There’s no established parking area during our visit and although it’s a pretty safe area, you have to park at your own risk. We brought a dog, my boyfriend’s brother’s pet named Sid and hired our personal porter to help us out. We met our guide who’s also our porter at the jump-off area.

The trails to Torill Farm and Campsite

There’s more than an hour of hiking which I think is beginner-friendly, considering the trails, distance, and duration of walking to get there. The trails are not technical, but there are definitely inclined slopes you should be prepared for.

At 10 minutes before we reached the campsite, we were already greeted with a beautiful view of the Mayon and the coastal area in front of it, which makes every sweat worth it. I was already feeling tired but I was encouraged by what I saw. We hurriedly hiked the last few paces so we can catch the sunset.

We started hiking around 4:30pm and we arrived just before 6:00pm. I highly suggest that you begin hiking earlier than that so you don’t get pressured (like us) to get there as fast as you could with the darkness of the night setting in.

We went there on a weekday and there were more or less 10 tents when we got there. The whole area is relaxing and quiet except when the other campers started to be noisier because of their booze. In the middle of the night, we heard some rocks falling and we were a bit anxious about it! Everything went fine anyway. But overall, we enjoyed the campsite and had a good time to unwind. The view was the superstar and the whole experience was priceless.

How To Get There:
You can book a flight from Manila to Legazpi (travel time is 45min-1 hr) or take a bus from PITX or Cubao to Legazpi (10-11hours). From Legazpi, head to the terminal and find a jeepney or UV that will drop you off Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados Church in Bacacay. This should only take more or less than an hour. From there, you may coordinate with the camp management to help you find a habal-habal or tricycle that will bring you to the jump-off (about 15-20 minutes).

Here’s a sample itinerary, assuming you arrive in Legazpi or Ligao at lunchtime:

1:00pm – Departure to Bacacay
2:30pm – Arrival at jump-off, meet guide and porter
2:40pm – Start hike
4:00pm – Arrive and settle at campsite, wait for sunset
10:00pm – Lights off

5:00am – Wake up for sunrise
6:00am – Breakfast
7:00am – Break camp
8:00am – Arrival at jump-off
9:30am – Back in Legazpi

Torill Farm and Campsite Rates (As of May 2023)
Entrance fee – P100
Guide fee – P500 per group
Porter fee – P500

Tips and Reminders:
1. The place is raw nature – don’t expect huts or rooms for accommodation
2. No comfort rooms but relieve properly
3. Leave no trace. Take your trash with you.
4. RESERVATION IS A MUST! They don’t encourage walk-ins.
5. The campsite is pet-friendly but be a responsible pet owner.
6. Know basic camping etiquette.
7. Respect the place and co-campers.
8. Enjoy and take it all in!

Here’s another campsite with the view of Mayon: Mt. Masaraga Campsite: Camping In Albay With Mt. Mayon View

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Torill Farm and Campsite
Upper Bongga Bacacay, Albay
0995 027 9310

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