Mt. Masaraga Campsite: Camping In Albay With Mt. Mayon View

Traveling has always been one thing I am truly passionate about and this pandemic did something to lay that passion low. It was maybe the anxieties that came with it or the situation it brought upon us all.

So when the jowa made plans with his family to go home in Ligao, Albay, and invited me to come with them, I had a quick pep talk with myself. I said I needed to do this, refresh my soul, and reassess everything that has been happening around me.

I am so fortunate that his hometown is truly a gem with many beautiful destinations, so we can travel nearby when we have time. I blogged about the coastal area of their city but the municipality they’re in isn’t short of landscapes and mountain ranges as well. 

One of his favorites is the campsite at Mt. Masaraga. I am so in love with this place! We’ve already visited this the last time we went here, but we loved the place so much that we really had to go back. This time, we went with his family and rented their small kubo.

We still pitched our tent but the kubo was truly convenient for campers in bigger groups. I think 4-5 people can comfortably sleep in there. It has a cooking area complete with tools, gas range and tank, pots and pans, and utensils and even have its own bathroom. This small cabin is also very aesthetic with its glass windows where you can sip your hot coffee in the morning. They also set up a small dining area just outside it, best for dinners or breakfast while enjoying the cool, chilly, and relaxing ambiance of the campsite.

As usual, we went there on a weekday so there weren’t many visitors during that time. Like what we did, I recommend you go there just before the sunset. From Legazpi, travel time to the campsite is around 2 hours. There’s a 2-minute hike to the actual Mt. Masaraga campsite. Easy, right? This one’s really for those who like to camp without much fuss. 

I was surprised to also find out that the data connection signal is pretty good. I was even able to work that one time when I had emergency deadlines. IG story-besties are gonna enjoy the place even more because you can update the world about the beautiful place you are in, real-time. 

That’s pretty much it. Mt. Masaraga Campsite’s simplicity is its very charm. The caretakers also have dogs and one of our favorites is Lemon who’s a Labrador. When we first visited he was super small and when we went back I am just amazed how he became more active and bigger. I know Labradors are like that, I just want to say that I am amazed. No hate haha

Another best thing about this campsite is that camping is very cheap. Nodding how different camps in the province and the ones near Manila are. An overnight fee is just P75 each head and for the small cabin rental, it’s just P1000 per night, no matter how many persons you come with. There’s no corkage fee if you would like to bring your own food. Just remember the basic rules of camping. Don’t litter and respect the other campers. Leave the place just as how you arrive. 

Let me know when you visit and tag Destinations and Tea on Facebook! Who knows, we might bump to each other. 

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