Cafe Guilt: Garden Cafe With Good Food

If you’re looking for a garden cafe in the metro that’s peaceful with good food, go to Cafe Guilt in Quezon City. It’s straightforward like that because that’s the best thing this great neighborhood find can offer.

I recently had a work engagement in a studio along Don Roces Avenue in Quezon City. Before I went, I tried to pin the work location until I saw the pin of Cafe Guilt. It’s literally a few steps away only! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Cafe Guilt a couple of times already and I’ve seen some influencers’ IG stories, giving praise to its offerings. I told myself I’ll drop by and give it a try!

After stepping out of the studio where my work was, I turned left to the first block which was Scout Castor Street and I instantly saw the cafe sign. I didn’t have to ask for directions, it’s something that will catch your attention.

I was greeted by a staff member and asked if I have company. I don’t have much time because I need to finish some work at home so I decided to just take my orders away. I was guided to a seat in their beautiful garden, alfresco seating/dining.

The overall look of the cafe is ??

What’s making it cozy are the big and small plants all around that gives shade to the outdoor dining area (apart from their white big umbrellas) and its clean, rustic and airy overall look with rattan seats. I felt some kind of regret that I wasn’t staying there for too long. If given a chance, I’ll hang out and maybe do some remote work in the cafe next time. There’s also a small bar outside that’s ideal for cocktails and evening hang-outs.

The menu was handed over and I was overwhelmed (in a good way) by its extensive food and beverages selection. I see why it’s named as Cafe Guilt – either you’ll feel guilt-free with their healthier choices or full of guilt with their sinful but delectable dishes. There’s pasta, sandwiches, rice meals, milk tea, coffee, smoothies, and many, many more. I beamed at the Squid Ink Pasta and their iced soy latte. I like my coffee sweet so just to make sure, I asked the staff if the coffee is already sweetened. Fortunately, yes it is.

I waited for about 10-15 minutes before my orders arrived. I asked the staff if I can go inside and roam around to take pictures, and he said yes almost immediately. I saw that they have pastries and cakes, too! I’ll try those next time. The chairs and tables have marks where guests are allowed to sit following the social distancing protocol. There are people with their laptops working and that’s a nod to me who is already planning to also do some work here. I’m pretty sure the data signal’s fine. The rustic vibe continues inside. I can imagine that this is maybe actually a former house because of the big front door that serves as an accent, too.

By the looks of it, the whole place can probably host about 20-25 people (???), especially now that we are following some dining guidelines.

The experience is a 8/10

Shortly after I sat down after I finished taking photos, my orders arrived. I paid via online bank transfer because they don’t accept debit or credits (if I can remember it clearly), but of course, you can pay cash or through GCash. When I was doing the payment transaction using my phone, the staff stood a few meters away and I don’t know but that small detail impressed me. I told him I’m done and he just took a photo of my confirmed payment. The prices are quite reasonable (read the next paragraph to know why) and I think I paid more than P500.

Everything was seamless and I got so excited to go home, enjoy my orders, and blog about it. When I got home and settled down, I was happy about the serving portions of the Squid Ink pasta. They told me it’s just for one, but I was even able to share it with my sister. It’s so delicious, I’ll give it a 10/10! Even though it wasn’t very warm anymore, I still loved it. The sauce was so flavorful and there are squid pieces. As for the coffee, I know the ice will water down because it was a takeout, but I also still enjoyed it. It has just the right sweetness. I was so happy that I dropped by Cafe Guilt!

I swear I’ll return and try out more dishes.

If you like to try another cafe nearby, check this out!

35 Sct. Castor St, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Opens from Mondays to Sundays, 10am to 9pm

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