Kiwami: Satisfy All Your Japanese Cravings In This Food Hall

There’s always something new at BGC and I am happy to be near it. This means I get to be one of the firsts to visit the new places and experience something fresh from time to time.

Just recently, I passed by this new place at Central Square, Kiwami Japanese Food Hall, and I was immediately excited upon seeing it. “This was what were they constructing for a while now,” I told myself loud out. I learned later that they just opened last September 22.

The first reason of my thrill was, I saw Ippudo instantly. That’s my boyfriend’s favorite restaurant and I’m just so happy that finally, Ippudo ramen is within reach now. There’s Ippudo in Uptown Mall which is a bit far from us. We often go to the Megamall branch but when this pandemic happened and during the few times we went outside, we never saw it open. The craving was real and intense.

The next reason was its interiors. It’s beautiful and eye-catching from the outside. I was so curious that I wanted to order just to see what’s inside the restaurant. Have you ever been curious this way? Haha

My sister and I decided to just take the food away and dine at home because we have limited time that day we visited. The staff were accommodating but I guess we just misunderstood each other about the order.

Anyway, she gave me the menu and this piece of paper so I can write down my orders or cross out the food items listed at the back but I was too lazy to find the names of my orders so I just wrote them. I did this outside in their outdoor seating and then after I ordered I was assisted inside to pay in the cashier.

After that I was told to wait outside for my order (I guess this is their protocol) but I asked if I could take pictures while waiting. They agreed! They were so friendly that a crew member even toured me inside.

The food hall is so spacious.

So basically, Ippudo is when you’re craving for ramen. It has other restaurants like Yabu for katsu and curry, Yakitori Hachibei for yakitori, and Hannosuke for tempura.

For foodies like me, this is heaven. You can satisfy all your cravings and indulge in your all favorites even from various Japanese restaurants. And these aren’t just the regulars. For me, these are really where you’ll go to for Japanese food.

They also have a bar for drinks and an ice cream stall where you can get Hokkaido Soft Serve for dessert.

10/10 I’d go back here and bring my family and friends!

Kiwami Japanese Food Hall
C3 29th St, Taguig, Metro Manila
Open from 10AM to 10PM

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