Camp Sandugo Opens Another Adventure Base Camp in Quezon Province

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If you’ve been hanging around this blog for sometime now, you probably might have seen one of my posts with the highest engagement and there’s no wonder why it’s a blockbuster. Camp Sandugo San Mateo is really a relaxing haven for those who want to take a breather off the city (but not too far away) and it’s also an amazing stopover when you’re enjoying the biking trails in Rizal. 

The good news I bring you is that they opened another camp in General Nakar, Quezon, the Camp Sandugo Tamala! General Nakar is an underrated coastal town, situated in the northernmost of the province. There’s just so much to see in this destination! It’s almost just a few minutes away from Dingalan, Aurora. From Manila, it’s about 3 to 5 hours drive, depending on the traffic. The travel’s bumpy in some parts, but it’s totally worth it as you’ll pass by scenic mountain views.  

General Nakar is home to beautiful pebbled or gray sand beaches (with great spots for surfing during the Amihan season), clean and refreshing rivers, lush forests, abundant and diverse wildlife, and accommodating locals. It’s just easy to fall in love with the place itself. This isn’t news anymore to cyclists or trail runners who usually take the challenge to compete or join in some races like the Sandugo Pacific Coast Ultra and the Brusko Pacific Coast Epic that already took place here. 

Now, because Camp Sandugo pitches another basecamp of adventure here in Sitio Tamala, Barangay Marcelino, you’re going to have more reasons to love General Nakar. Although the whole camp is still in its first phase, you can now enjoy a lot of exciting activities already with your friends and family.

Shall I give you a mini virtual tour? Let’s go!

First, Camp Sandugo’s main hall will immediately catch your attention upon your arrival. It’s almost an open area and that’s exactly what makes it more relaxing. This is where they will have a restaurant, a bar, and several dining areas. You can lounge here, order some of their specialty dishes, or maybe drink their delicious coffee while taking in the charming green views anywhere you look and a sneak peek of the Sierra Madre ranges.  I highly recommend you try to ask for the freshest catch of the day for your lunch or dinner! There’s a warm bowl of Bulalo, pizzas, fresh lato salad, and many more.

After a long week in the city or maybe after a satisfying bike ride, go straight here for an invigorating camping for a night or two. Relax by the bonfire at night as you sip some local wine from the province. You’ll either just hear the birds or the waves as it hits and crashes the shores nearby. If you’d love to have some quiet time, this is also an ideal place for that. You can bring your own tent and other equipment, but to make your trip fuss-free, just avail of their gear for rent. They’ve got sleeping bags, sleeping pads, folding beds, and more, to make your stay even more comfortable. (Rates below!)

In the morning, make sure you wake up early and witness the breathtaking Pacific sunrise by the beach.

Up for a not-so-average sightseeing excursion around the area? You can continue the day with bike ride along the trails nearby, which both beginners and pros will love. There are up and downhill slopes, river-crossing, and other sorts of terrain that the place can offer.

If you are not much into that, there are plenty of options left. My favorite is having a picnic by the river. Like me, I bet you’ll also be impressed with how they are going to prepare for the picnic. They will set up a tent complete with mats and chairs for you and your friends. Freshly-brewed coffee, pastries, and other snacks will await you as you dip in the cool flowing river. Camp Sandugo team knows the best spot to make this happen. 

Plans are underway for every kind of adventurer. There will be surfboards, fishing equipment, and ATVs. They will also construct villas, glamping areas like the ones in San Mateo, and a new restaurant. There will also be nice spots for hammocks and camping trucks/vans. They will also offer diving sessions and island/cove-hopping trips. It’s really going to be a camp where you can find almost everything you’ll want for recreational outdoors. 

To go here, you need to book at least one week ahead of your visit. Contact Camp Sandugo Tamala’s Facebook page and they can arrange everything for you such the vehicle that will bring you to the camp and all the other essential documents needed, which may depend on the most recent community quarantine guidelines. If you are going via private vehicle, you still need to inform them. As of the moment, they don’t accept walk-ins. The prices are pretty much the same as the rates in Camp Sandugo San Mateo but it’s still best to inquire on their page for the updated information. As of the moment, visitors below 18 years old and over 65 years old will be required to submit a negative RT PCR test result.

Here are the fees as of July 2021:

Camping Fee  – Php 200 per person, per night (Does not include tents)
Tourism Fee – Php 30 per person
Bringing in of bikes (as per the local ordinance) – Php 25 per unit
4×4 vehicle/car camping – Php 1000 per vehicle (on top of the camping fee per person), consumable of food from the restaurant
Acceptance Letter (a document needed to travel to General Nakar) – P30 per vehicle
GCash payment fee – Php 20

Gear Rentals:

Tent rental – Php 500 for 1-2, persons | Php 1000 for 3-5 persons, per night
Sleeping bag – Php 100 per piece
Earth pad – Php 50 per piece
Inflatable bed (Twin) – Php 200 per piece
Folding bed (Single) – Php 150 per piece
Foam with banig mat – Php 150 per piece
Pillow – Php 50 per piece

Let me know when you visit! Tag Destinations and Tea on Facebook and me on Instagram @destayting so we can interact!

Camp Sandugo Tamala
Sitio Tamala, Barangay Marcelino, General Nakar, Quezon

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