Buk Gyeong: 24/7 Authentic Korean-Chinese Food in Manila

As someone who lives in the south of the metro, I rarely go to Manila City or its nearby areas. But when I do, I make it worthwhile by visiting a cafe or a restaurant. In my recent Manila trip, I went to Buk Gyeong Restaurant. This gem is found in Adriatico, Malate.


There are already a lot of Korean and Chinese restaurants out there, but you must go to Buk gyeong if you want to try an authentic version of this cuisine. After all, it’s a pure Korean-owned family business serving delectable dishes for 20 years now and that says a lot about what they offer. Another amazing thing about this restaurant is that they are open 24/7!

The owner tells us that when his grand parents moved in the Philippines in the late 80’s, they started selling Korean and Chinese noodles and other dishes. Today, the chefs who are actually making every dish served were trained by the proprietors themselves, to preserve the quality. Also, later on we learned that the name of the place is the Korean pronunciation of Beijing. 

I went to Buk Gyeong with my vlogger friend, Mariane of Trip ni Mariane, to experience this authenticity first hand. It’s easy to spot the restaurant. It’s actually in the heart of Manila’s Korea Town (which I didn’t know there was until this trip), right in front of Sheraton Manila Bay. There are a few parking slots available in front of the restaurant.

It was an hour before lunch time and there weren’t many guests yet. The place was spacious, clean, and homey. I can imagine that it is a classic place to go to whenever people crave for Korean or Chinese food. They also have the eat-all-you-can offers!

There’s a table where you can eat just like how Koreans in dramas do. I actually wanted to sit there to try but I already know how I’ll feel my tummy bloat as I eat. Hahaha!

After ordering, the side dishes arrived to our table right away. Our orders were also served almost immediately by their accommodating staff, who were really attentive to our needs. 

We had Tangsuyuk or Korean Sweet and Sour Pork, Jjangmyeon or Noodles in Black Bean Sauce, Jjampong or Spicy Seafood Noodles, and Mandu or Korean dumplings. Every dish had more than enough serving and I must say it was a good value for your money. 

Tangsuyuk is the best pair for every dish on our table. I’m not sure how they really eat it but I liked it munching for every mouthful of Jjampong. I’m so happy we were there, because that was actually my first time to eat real Jjampong instead of the instant ones. I love spicy food and I bet it’s still mild for most Koreans, but it’s just the right amount of spiciness for me. I can go extreme, but I loved how the mix was just perfect this way to enjoy. They also didn’t skimp on the seafood and it is a huge bowl already for two. 

Next, we tried the Jjangmyeon. I’m a big fan of Korean cuisine, but this is again, my first time to try a real one. I usually just buy the instant packs in groceries. I like how it was filling while we also took bites of the mandu. By the way, their dipping sauce is so good!

With all of these being said, I’d rate Buk Gyeong and our experience a 8/10! I enjoyed it a lot and I am 100% sure I’d come back again and recommend it with family and friends. 

To order, you can find them on Foodpanda (but only for Malate area) or call 85281344⁣/ +639959775695 / +639685950415⁣ and then book your chosen courier for delivery. Here’s a few pages of their menu:

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Buk Gyeong Restaurant
Mondays-Sundays, 24 hours open
Dakota Residence, 555 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila

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