Crema MNL: Feel At Home In This Minimalist Café In Mandaluyong

Minimalist and/or street-side cafe trend is fast emerging here in the Philippines and I couldn’t be happier as a coffee/cafe enthusiast (if it isn’t so obvious yet). When CREMA MNL followed me on Instagram, it truly felt like a gift from above. Immediately, I invited a friend to come with me to visit the cafe.

The cafe was only an online shop since last year and has been selling bottled coffee, pasta, and munchies. They even offer coffee in liters and bottled matcha drinks! They still offer these stuff with same-day pick-up options or you can book you own courier.

We were coming from another cafe for breakfast in Makati so we booked Grab to Crema MNL’s location. If you are commuting, just take a jeepney from MRT Shaw or MRT Boni that can drop you off at Mcdonald’s Barangka. From there, start your maps and walk to the cafe. It will take you about 5 minutes only.

We arrived exactly at 12 noon, the cafe’s opening time and upon seeing it, I found it very delightful. It’s literally a quaint cafe in front of a 3-story house in a setup where you’d typically find a sari-sari store in a neighborhood. The overall look’s nice and charming because it’s white and minimal. I love the boob mug that’s catching the customers’ tips. We also like how accommodating and friendly the owners were.

I saw the menu and although I love coffee so much, I decided to get a Honey Lemon Tea over ice. My friend ordered Iced Spanish Latte, which is one of their best-sellers. My drink was so refreshing especially because the sun was on its peak during our visit. My friend halved hers in minutes. 

Overall, I liked Crema MNL. If I’d have some business or appointment near this cafe, I would love to visit again and try their other drinks. They also have some pastries which we didn’t get to try because we wanted a heavy lunch that time. 

I guess the cafe’s more comfortable and enjoyable when it’s less hot so maybe it’s best to visit when the sun has set. However, I heard it’s flocked during afternoons. 

Crema MNL
Sun-Thu 11am-8pm
Fri-Sat 11am-8pm

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