Fifty Nine Flower Cafe Is Makati’s Charming Flower Shop and Cafe In One

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It always amuses me to rediscover the city I’ve always been to and find something new. That’s what happened when I heard about Fifty Nine Flower Cafe in Makati. If you’ve been following this blog for quite some time now, you’ll know that this storyteller is so fond of cafes and flowers and this cafe just fits the bill!

I have been working in Makati for 5 years now (I just realized now how time flies so fast), 2 years in Ayala and about 3 years in an office along Gil Puyat Avenue. I was surprised that this dreamy cafe exists.

When I saw it on Facebook, I immediately ran a search about their operating hours and alerted my coffee buddies. We went the next day right before its doors opened.

The photos on social media don’t do justice! I thought the place was small but it’s actually spacious. It even has a beautiful al fresco set up and separate space where a private event can happen. It’s just so dreamy!

You’ll see the flower shop first where there’s a counter. This is where their florists make the bouquets and other flower arrangements.

Not so far from this, you’ll set your eyes on the homey, floral, and mostly white tables and chairs ensemble of the cafe. It’s so pretty that you’ll think you’re in a showroom of a furniture shop.

There were also vintage-looking accents that made the place even more elegant. The place looks like a perfect venue for romantic dates or dates with friends and family. It’s like every corner is reality from Pinterest photos.

We chose the big table and started scanning the menu. You can also check out the cafe counter for pastries. There were so many interesting names on the menu and they’re all impressively just right for their price (for a Makati cafe, iykwim). I chose one of their bestsellers, Cafe con Leche for my coffee along with Dark Crepe.

The verdict? I loved what I ordered. As for the presentation, it’s obviously exceeded my expectations. I like sweet and milky coffee without losing the strength of the caffeine and Cafe con Leche gave just that. Plus, they sprinkled some edible bits of flowers on top. I also liked the crepe because it has just the right amount of sweetness although there were so many things going on. There were oreos, chocolate syrup, cream, cocoa powder plus its chocolate filling. I promised myself I’d come back and try out other items from the menu.

We were once again delighted to know that there were sockets. It’s also an ideal place for working if the situation permits or it’s safe to dine in and stay for a long time inside cafes again.

Overall, my experience here was a 5/5. It wasn’t a thrilling experience but rather a relaxing and a peaceful one. The place isn’t very loud when it comes to aesthetics, but you’ll see a lot to be amazed about. It’s for people who want to spend quality time together while talking and having coffee or for those who would opt for some alone time. It’s most especially for the working and busy people of Makati who want to cap off a day with an hour or two of great coffee and company.

Fifty-Nine Flower Cafe
59 1225 Paseo de Roxas, Makati, Metro Manila
Operating hours: 9 am – 6 pm
Mondays – Saturdays

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