Living The 2D Life At Kurimi Milk Tea Bar

My microadventures with friends (along with our utmost sanitary practices in this pandemic) led me to another amusing cafe in the metro, the Kurimi Milk Tea Bar in Quezon City. The tea in this destination: it is said to be the first 2D cafe in the Philippines! Cool, right?

The area where this cafe is located is swarming with cool cafes and must-visit restaurants (BTW, I used to work around here!) so I am not surprised to find it here. You can easily spot the cafe because it’s already looking like a comic book in its exteriors.

You have to fill out their contact tracing forms using a QR code and sanitize your hands before going inside. I came with another close friend who’s also a vlogger (follow her here for really exciting adventures), Mariane. Arriving on a weekday after lunch is proven and tested to always be the best time to visit concept cafes like this which tend to get lots of people.

We stepped inside and the next thing I knew was everything looked like a drawing! From chairs, tables, to walls and even their counter is in two-dimensional. I remember vividly how I badly wanted to visit a 2D cafe in Malaysia only to find out it’s closed! This time definitely felt rewarding! On top of that, we were the only ones in the cafe during that time so we made the most of this opportunity and took many photos of almost every corner!

We ordered the Matcha Cheesecake Milk Tea (P125, Large) and Cheesecake Milk Tea (P145, Large). As for the prices, it’s almost the same as the other milk tea brands. You can enjoy one for as low as P90. As for the taste, it is surprisingly good! Usually, when cafes have really good concepts, their products are left behind quality but Kurimi Milk Tea Bar’s a 8/10 to me. The pearls are flavorful, the milk tea itself is rich, and the cream cheese has just the right amount of creaminess and sweetness.

We used to only see places like this abroad and I am glad that cafes here are slowly being inspired by these interesting and truly Instagram-worthy concepts. I can’t wait for more to visit!

Be sure to practice safety precautions and sanity protocols when you go out and avoid the crowds!

Kurimi Milk Tea Bar (@kurimitomasmorato)
88 Scout Limbaga, Sacred Heart, Quezon City
MON-THU: 11am-7pm
FRI-SUN: 11am-9pm

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