Flower Ranch Cafe: Little Dreamy Cafe Filled With Flowers

This pandemic has forced all of us to stay at home which is something I find really difficult, being an extrovert and a person whose travel is life. Really. Literally. As the strict guidelines that included limited movement slowly ease up, I started exploring again. Maybe, it’s okay to settle to microadventures for now.

One of those microadventures happened recently with one of my closest friends who I often meet for breakfasts on weekdays, Mc Lien. I saw this pretty cafe in a social media personality’s IG stories and checked out if the location’s nearby. To my delight, it’s actually just a number of KMS away from Mc Lien’s residence. We decided to give it a visit this time! 

We visited the place early and arrived 30 minutes after its open doors. We were welcomed by two people, Ate Maris? Mariz? Marisse? and their barista whose name I forgot. Sorry po, I’m bad with names.

The interiors are amusing. Flower Ranch Cafe is prettier in person. It’s already charming to me upon seeing on social media, but when I was actually there I can’t help but feel really giddy with its beauty and coziness. 
Ate told us they started years back as a flower shop only and the coffee shop was only added last year. They sell these fresh and dried flowers for as low as P200, which also serve as decorations to the cafe. I can’t believe we have this cafe in the middle of the busy metro and within reach. It reminds me of Korean or Thai coffee places I have been dreaming to visit. The space is small but its quaintness is actually its very charm combined with the flowers all around, the warm lights, and the whiff of delicious coffee being brewed. Being inside transports you to a dreamy place as if you are not near busy EDSA.    

They currently have only a handful of items on the menu and the kuripot in me is really happy because you can order a cup of coffee for as low as P90. They also have cookies! I’m an iced coffee person so I ordered Iced Mocha (P120). I guess it’s already about 16oz. Mc Lien had a hot latte (P100). We both ordered their choco walnut cookie. Our verdict: this cafe may be really petite in size, but offers great stuff! We also heard that the coffee beans they use are 100% Arabica beans from Mt. Apo, Davao Del Sur.

We both enjoyed our orders while we talk about each other’s life updates and take lots of photos! (I feel like it’s really mentally healthy to catch up with a friend every week or two.) We were also lucky to get a chance to stay there and enjoy our coffee because they limit the customers to only 2 at a time. Until we left, there weren’t any new customers so I guess it’s best to really visit in the morning of a weekday like what we did so you can sit and take your time to enjoy the whole cafe experience.

Shoutout to the friendly staff of Flower Ranch Cafe! Ate, even with a mask, smiled at us and accommodated us really well that we enjoyed staying there even more. Sorry sa chismisan namin sa umaga ate!        

Flower Ranch Cafe
Beacon Plaza, Shaw Boulevard cor Ideal Street, Mandaluyong City
Open from Monday to Sunday, 8AM to 6PM

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