Hiking at Mt. Kulago – Travel Guide, Sample Itinerary

Stands at almost a thousand meters above sea level, Mt Kulago or Hummingbird Mountain is also a popular hiking destination in Bukidnon. Initially, we wanted to go to Lake Holon but decided to postpone it because coming from Impasug-ong, the travel would be long and tedious for us. 

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Mt. Kulago is equally breathtaking like the other ranges and mountains in Bukidnon. You can also go on a side trip to Communal Ranch. 

We placed Mt Kulago in our 6-day trip on our 5th and 6th day for an overnight hike. We opted to do it DIY and looked for a guide, but in the end, we decided to get an exclusive tour from an agency instead, thinking we would be tired already from our visit from Roty Peaks and hike in Panimahawa Ridge. We also took a day off hiking on our 4th day to prepare for it.

After running a search online about Mt Kulago, we found GOOD DAY Travel and Tours. They were very accommodating and helped us arranged our Mt. Kulago trip smoothly. We did this trip overnight and note that for this exclusive tour, it was just me and my boyfriend.

Here’s our Mt. Kulago DIY Itinerary:

Day 1 

8:30am – I asked them to pick us up from our accomodation.
9:00am – ETA Mt. Kulago jumpoff
11:00am – Start hike
1:00pm – ETA Mt. Kulago campsite
5:30pm – Early dinner
8:00pm – lights off

Day 2

4:00am – Start trekking to summit of Mt. Kulago
5:30am – ETA Mt Kulago summit ( relax and wait for sunrise , take pictures )
7:00am – Descend going to campsite for breakfast
8:00am – campsite (breakfast & coffee)
9:30am – start trek going to communal ranch
10:30am – communal ranch going back to jump off
11:00am – ETA jump off 

DAY 2 CHANGES: The heat was so intense that one of our guides offered us to get a habal-habal in the area near communal ranch, right before the slope to the river. The habal-habal ride costs P200 each and will go through the communal ranch and drop off at the jump off. 

Estimated fees and expenses/person:

Since we got an exclusive tour from GOOD DAY Travel and Tours, we had everything packaged. Noting that this was an overnight trip and it was just me and my boyfriend, the rate they provided was P2300 each person. This included the following:

  • Guide 
  • Necessary permits
  • 2 meals (Dinner and breakfast)
  • Transpo from impasugong tourism to kulago jump off balikan 
  • Camping fee

Tips and other notes:

  1. The summit has the view of Mt. Kitanglad!
  2. The hike to Mt. Kulago is 90% open field/grassland. You can bring an umbrella because there area areas where you can definitely use one with ease. 
  3. There are flat parts and there are also a lot of assault portions.
  4. Like what I mentioned, the heat can be intense but that makes the view incredibly beautiful. I had mixed feelings about the sunny weather. This can make your pace slower and make sure you bring adequate fluids. 
  5. I initially thought that the campsite is almost at the summit but it takes another 2 hours or less to get to the summit from the campsite. The hike to Mt. Kulago can be more or less 5 hours depending on your pace.
  6. You can hike all the way up to the campsite or arrange a habal-habal ride to lessen the hiking time like what we did on the way back to the jump off, but arrange this ahead of time. 
  7. There is an abundant supply of water in the campsite. If you are hiking on a weekend, you might catch the sari-sari store in the campsite open.
  8. Like any other hiking or camping trips, leave no trace and bring your trash with you. 
  9. Apart from the basic hiking essentials, bring insect repellant and clothing for cold climate. 
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