Outpost Market: Cafe and Corner Store In One

There was one Sunday morning when I planned on waking up early to jog up to a new cafe in BGC. That’s about 5 km from our house to that cafe, which is the whole topic of this blog post. It’s called Outpost Market, a corner store that has local and healthy food items. At the same time, it’s a cafe and has a menu of poke meals. It’s located in the Fairways Tower area, just beside the roads that lead to Makati. 

Anyway, the waking-up-early part didn’t happen and so was the jogging part. But I made it to the cafe to meet my friends Mc Lien and Nic for breakfast. 

Since it’s a BGC cafe, you’d expect that the price is high for a working professional like me. My priority was to try out their coffee but I also wanted to get a meal because I was starving that morning. 

And every time I try out a new cafe, I either order a latte with sugar or a Spanish Latte. I want my coffee sweet. Luckily, Outpost Market has both so I just ordered Spanish Latte. My verdict: I loved it! I would most probably come back in the cafe for it.

Next, I also ordered one of cheapest meals in the menu, the Spam Musubi. It was filling as it has 2 mini cups of rice, the spam, egg, and a crunchy side dish with cucumber. It was delicious, just a bit salty but I love salty food.  My friend tried their spicy tuna, I had some, and it was good, too. 

As for the cafe looks, it’s minimal so it’s charming this way. The indoor seating can serve I think about less 10 people only but they’ve got al fresco which many bikers usually occupy. 

In the morning, when the sun is high, the rays are warm but you won’t feel uncomfortable because the AC’s doing its job. They have parking both for cars and bicycles. 

Don’t forget to check out Outpost Market’s food items. They’ve got wines, local beers, frozen goods, ice cream, healthy snacks, and many more.

The place doesn’t have WiFi and I think I spotted a socket (I’m not really sure if they will allow you to use it), but I don’t think it’s a place conducive for long hours of digital work. It’s really ideal for breakfast, quick meet-ups or coffee break, or takeaway time for busy people.

Over-all it’s something I’d go back to if I have a chance. 

Here’s another cafe in BGC.

Outpost Market
Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm 
Friday-Sunday 8am-9pm

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