A Review On Brewed Specialty Coffee in Pasig

This is a post that has been long overdue and I almost forgot to blog this! My friends and I went at Brewed Specialty Coffee in July 2021, after I got spared from a huge COVID-19 scare.

To continue our quest for more and more cafes, the heavens and the algorithm of social media brought us to the cafe’s accounts. I also stalked and looked for more pictures and immediately felt excited because the cafe really looks pleasing. Then, we set the date and as usual, planned to go there when it opens.

Brewed Specialty Coffee is a neighborhood cafe in Rosario, Pasig (near the Tiendesitas area, area going to Rizal) that serves coffee, all-day breakfast meals, pasta, sandwiches, pastries, and non-coffee drinks. You can dine-in, take out, have your food delivered, or pick it up.

I arrived first before my friends and I took many photos already. I told them I’ll just order my food when my friends get to the cafe and thought that this was no problem, but I was told by the staff in the counter that they need to do my orders first because there are only 2 members available to serve and work. It felt weird at first, but okay, I understand. I gave my orders already.

Shortly after, my friends arrived and we opted to sit outside the cafe as most of the tables that time were reserved. The remaining available ones were just for two or one person and the staff told us we can’t combine them together. We were 3 so, okay. Outdoor seating was also nice.

I ordered Spanish Latte and decided to avail the free change of milk to almond milk. For the food, since we were having breakfast, I ordered Nasi Goreng. Ugh, I suddenly missed Indonesia and its food.

My friends ordered the same coffee with Spanish Sardines Pasta, Beef Tapa, and Affogato. Our verdict: we loved it! We loved everything we ordered and would give them all an 8/10. The Nasi Goreng was filling and it had the right spiciness I was craving for. The pasta was also flavorful and not too salty.

After eating, we went inside to take more photos. The whole place is adorned with rustic and greenery pieces. There are plants, rattan-designed (I’m actually not sure of the material) lights, plus interesting pieces like the vinyl player and some books.

While taking photos, we overheard the staff commenting about a customer who left and she sounded pissed off. We didn’t try to hear the whole thing but we thought this was wrong and they could’ve settled this after working hours. My friend also said he noticed that the same staff was a bit curt. We didn’t like this part of the experience so we told the management about this. I messaged their IG and suggested to check up on their staff if they’re all okay. They replied that they will take action. I know food service and hospitality jobs can be really challenging and I sincerely hope they’re okay so they don’t download the stress to others. Kudos for the quick response, though!

If you’re going to ask me if I’ll come back, it’s a 90% yes. The 10%’s because it’s a bit far from my residence but I really liked the place, the food, and the coffee. I think I can tolerate pissed off people. Just kidding! I mean, people can change their attitude and the way they treat others for the better, but how they do their coffee and make their food is difficult to change. It’s either you like it on the first try to come back again or you don’t. Also, I’ve been following them on Instagram and I’m impressed that they really refresh and improve their skills in making coffee. That’s a great idea and customers will really appreciate.

If you’re looking for more cafes with a similar look and offerings, check this cafe in Quezon City.

Brewed Specialty Coffee
GB04 Jemco Complex, 1609 C. Raymundo Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila
Mondays-Fridays 9AM TO 10PM
Saturday and Sunday 7AM TO 10PM

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